Friday, 27 January 2012


Hello guys, just started the blog... really love to explore new things in teaching English... hope for comments for further improvement... So please do drop some of your view here...thanks dude...

Let me share my experience of becoming a teacher... I started my career as a teacher when I was 17 ( not at school of course..). I taught few students while waiting for my spm result... It was 2000, 12 years ago. Later, when i got offer for Form 6, I stopped for a while and continued after STPM... My Form 6 teacher, Mr Ku Jalil ( still there at my school ; Sultanah Asma) inspired me a lot to explore my ability in English... As time flies, I went through every stages in my life(slowly and steadily) ...I did think once to quit trying to be a teacher...peak competition, too much clerical work and non stop pressure were the barriers I faced most in enjoying the job... but later, got used to it.. no pain, no gain, right...

Guess teacher never stops teaching, and here I am, a teacher... teaching innocent souls at MJSC Pontian... I may look young
( hahaha, yeah right...) but I am teaching for the 8th year now...hope to see new generation with new spirit to love English...

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